Monday, January 17, 2011

In Depth Look At The Mayhem Festival 2011 Line Up

On January 26th, 2011 the line for this years Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival will be announced. Here is an indepth look at why we think certain bands will play on this years line up.

First of all, Roadrunner Records always has at least 2 bands on the festival. They usually have one band on the main stage and sometimes 2 bands on the main stage. In 2008 they had Slipknot, Machine Head and Airbourne on the festival. In 2009 they had Killswitch Engage and Trivium on the line up. In 2010 they had Korn and Rob Zombie on the line up.

Century Media records usually has at least one band on the line up. In 2008 Suicide Silence played. In 2009 God Forbid played on the festival. In 2010 In This Moment played on the festival. Other record companies have bands on each year, these were just 2 examples.

There have also been band members telling fans they are playing, whether it be at NAMM or from the stage. Here are the bands we believe are playing and evidence to support those claims:

Godsmack (Band member confirmed they are playing with Disturbed on Mayhem at NAMM 2011)
Disturbed (See Godsmack)
Megadeth (Roadrunner Records band and perfect fit as a concert draw for this slot)
Machine Head (Roadrunner Records band and a band member confirmed they are playing at NAMM 2011)
In Flames (E1 Records band. That record company usually has a band on the festival each year)
Kingdom of Sorrow (A band member was reported telling the crowd at a concert they would see them this summer on Mayhem)
Unearth (A band member hinted at a BIG tour this summer with alot of other bands)
Suicide Silence (A Century Media band. See Unearth, basically the same story)

The above bands are heavily rumored and will likely play. The bands we will discuss now are not a sure bet to play but a strong possibility:

Dimmu Borgir (Rumored and has no conflicting tour dates. Nuclear Blast Records usually has a band on the festival)
Skeletonwitch (Prosthetic Records usually has a band on the festival. This band also pulled out of the Wacken Festival in Germany and has no conflicting tour dates yet)
All That Remains (Another Prosthetic Records band. Supposedly a band member told a fan that they thought they would play this year but it was not finalized. No conflicting tour dates yet)

Be advised that there is a more current news article on bands participating on the 2011 Mayhem Festival which you can read by clicking HERE

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  1. just wanted to throw in 2 quick notes
    -Dragonforce also played in 2008(RR band)
    -In Flames is on E1 Records(formerly Koch), the only release they did for Ferret was "Come Clarity"

  2. When I asked Oli of ATR on Facebook if they were doing Mayhem, he said they'd be definitely doing something in the summer.

    My guess would be Mayhem.

  3. Lamb Of God is also a RR band. Just a minor correction.

  4. LOG is a RR band in Europe, theyre signed to Epic in the US

    also a personal friend of Trivium is telling me them and Megadeth are on