Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Line Up And Stages Revealed for Mayhem Festival 2011

A source close to one of the bands has informed us on which bands will play on certain stages during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2011. Although the official announcement has been delayed until Monday, January 31st, information is leaking out.

Main Stage:


Rotating Main Stage Openers:

Machine Head
In Flames

Extreme Stage:

Suicide Silence
All Shall Perish
Straight Line Stitch

Jagermeister Stage:

Kingdom of Sorrow
Red Fang
Local Jagermeister Band

When using this information please credit

Source: Steev Oh

1 comment:

  1. disturbed - eh don't mind them will probably stay to watch them
    godsmack - ew
    megadeth - ew
    machine head - hell yes mosh pits
    in flames - one of my favorite bands of all time
    trivium - they have some good songs don't mind seeing them
    suicide silence - eh this band will get a couple of my friends to go might be ok to watch
    all shall perish - hell yes i love this band even though i hate deathcore
    straight line stitch - bathroom/food break
    unearth - they ain't bad at all
    kingdom of sorrow- saw them at ozzfest they were ok but since then i been listening to them more and i like them
    red fang - eh they ain't bad but mayhem could of gotten a better band for this spot..