Friday, January 28, 2011

Tool Members Comment On 2011 Release For New Material

Tool drummer Daney Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor spoke to an Australian website about the progress of the bands next release which is targeted for a end of 2011 release. Here is a transcript of the article:

Chatting with Rosie on triple j, band mates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor were typically cagey when it came to Tool's first planned release in 5 years.

Even joking that the follow up album to 2006's 10,000 days should be called "50,000 days".

However, Carey did admit that while they hope to have the record out by the end of the year, they are still yet to decide on a name.

"That's usually the last thing that happens and we argue about that while we're making the final master of the record. We don't even have names for the songs until then."

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