Friday, January 21, 2011

Update on Metallica Big 4 USA tour ***UPDATED***

According to a tweet from the host of That Metal Show and radio personality Eddie Trunk a member of one of The Big 4 bands was asked about a USA tour for 2011 and stated they knew nothing about it.

This information conflicts with information we previously reported about various band members confirming the tour at NAMM 2011 earlier in the month.

One thing we do know is that there have been occurences where band members were not told about tours until right before the official announcement due to all parties involved wanting to avoid information leaks. It is easy to explain a band member having no knowledge of an upcoming tour. What is not easy to explain are members from two of the bands saying the tour will happen when no official word has been given verifying or denying the tour.

There have been unconfirmed rumors of venues being placed on hold on certain dates for the tour (Los Angeles, Ohio, Detroit) for the tour. Those rumors could be true but I think they are unlikely. There was a new rumor about a two month long USA tour kicking off in the spring but I think that is unlikely too.

There are two rumors I believe are true. First is the rumor that the tour will happen in 2011. Metallica representatives have talked about plans for a massive production on a tour that will feature their best selling self titled album's twentieth anniversary celebrated. Not to mention all 4 of the bands repeatedly stating they want the tour to happen. Add in band members stating at NAMM that the tour will happen and this leaves us with too much evidence to think the tour won't happen.

The second rumor is that the tour announcement will be unveiled in April. This is perfect timing to unleash the official details of the tour. This will probably happen after tickets are onsale for Megadeth's strong rumored participation on the 2011 Mayhem Festival. Not to mention the band has 5 songs recorded for their next release which could be in mid 2011 if luck is on their side. It is also the perfect time for Anthrax to hype their new album with Joey Belladonna on vocals. I am not sure what Slayer will have new to offer their fans but I expect a greatest hits release or new DVD at the very least to coincide with the Big 4 tour.

Nothing is official until confirmed by band members or tour organizers in an official press release. With that said, common sense supported by evidence indicates that the Big 4 will tour the USA in 2011. The time is right and it would be a huge shock if the tour did not come to fruition this year.

By pure coincidence we received word from a source who works for one of the bands. We can confirm once again that the Big 4 will have concerts in the USA during the summer of 2011. We can also confirm that in fact there will not be a tour but a small amount of concerts, no more than a total of 6. Fans wanting to attend this tour may have to travel as it appears it will be a destination festival held at different locations in the USA.

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