Monday, February 28, 2011

Alice In Chains Singer/Guitarist working on a documentary about the Atlanta Hardcore scene.

William DuVall, singer/guitarist from Alice In Chains is working on a documentary to discuss the history of the Atlanta, GA hardcore punk scene. Years before his career in RnB, Rock and Metal, DuVall played in the band Neon Christ. The film which is to be directed by Edgar Johnson will be called “All Together Alone: Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore”. As told to CWG Magazine online DuVall said of today's punk scene:

“I think punk/hardcore is experiencing the growing pains of any rebel culture that stands the test of time. You're going to have commodification. Big business always steps in eventually. Some superficial cultural signifiers, like day-glow hair or moshing, become a little more acceptable by the masses, at least on the surface. That's inevitable.”

DuVall, along with the rest of AIC is busy writing the follow up to 2009's Black Gives Way To Blue.

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