Monday, February 7, 2011

Disturbed Bassist Talks Touring With Korn, Mayhem Festival, And Auditionng For Disturbed

The San Antonio Metal Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with current Disturbed bassist John Moyer. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Q: Looking back, things couldn't have worked out much better for you now that you're in Disturbed. But do you have any regrets about The Union Underground not lasting longer?
A: Well, sure man, I put my heart and soul into that band just like everything I do. Before that, I was in a band called Soak, and we toured Texas and when I left, it was a hard decision. The Union Underground, I was hoping to put together a second record, but internally, it broke apart. It broke my heart. When it didn't happen, it was hard that the band ended. Our last show was Halloween 2003 and for months after that, I wasn't in a band. It was the longest I'd gone without being in a band. I had some offers, but honestly, I was trying to hold out for the Disturbed gig. I didn't audition with them until April 2004. They had auditioned lots of people, and I just kept figuring, "Man, that gig's gotta be mine (laughs)."

Q: Co-headlining with Korn gives the fans a powerful double package of sorts, along with Sevendust and In This Moment. But did that present a challenge in choosing a setlist as opposed to, say, when you headlined the Uproar Festival?
A: You're absolutely right. We both just do the same setlist just over an hour. If we were the main headliners, we'd do an hour and a half. But either way, you're getting the same show every night from both bands wherever you live. Honestly, we've had some success over the years. We've had singles off every record. There are songs off The Sickness that our fans are going to always want to hear and that we're going to play, songs off the Believe record, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible, and songs off this Asylum record.

Q: San Antonians are disappointed the Mayhem Fest's lone Texas stop is Dallas (Aug. 10), especially after you guys co-headlined the first one with Slipknot here in 2008. But how excited are you to be playing with Godsmack and especially a band from an earlier era in Megadeth?
A: Oh yeah, it's going to be awesome. I grew up playing Megadeth songs, and I know a couple guys in the band. The Godsmack guys, too, a great band. It's going to be exciting. It's a great lineup, and even with bands like Trivium, Machine Head and Kingdom of Sorrow on the second stage, the fans are going to get a great show.

Q: Your favorite Disturbed song to play, and why?
A: I love 'em all for different reasons. Down With the Sickness, even though you'd think it'd get old playing it and we've played it a hundred thousand times -- and will probably always play it -- the crowd reaction, as soon as the drum beat hits, it goes crazy. The flip side is playing new songs that are fresh. We're playing The Animal and Another Way to Die -- songs that are fun -- and challenging songs like Inside The Fire during the solo part where me and Dan are just ripping together.

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