Saturday, February 5, 2011

Judas Priest Guitarist K. K. Downing Dissects Classic Point Of Entry Song

Ville Krannila from guitarist K.K. Downing's Steel Mill website has dissected the classic track 'Desert Plains' with the legenday guitarist.

About the song Downing comments: "'Desert Plains' to me is just one of those songs that you can get into instantly because of the tempo and where the accents are in the riff. Additionally and particularly in the States the lyrical content making reference to the desert has that extra appeal for the fans in places like Arizona and New Mexico.

Having mentioned the tempo, it was often difficult for us to keep it as per the studio version live because it seemed to work virtually at any tempo. That's as long as it was faster of course, as is typical of bands when playing live. I guess it's because of that nervous energy and adrenalin that drives us that bit bit harder and faster when the lights go down.

'Desert Plains' was also a song that none of us really wanted to leave out of the set, and if we did it was only because we did not want fans to say that we kept on playing the same old songs. The song has that unique quality and feel about it and is hard to replace in the set.

It would be great to think that songs like this are easy to keep writing but believe me I have tried. So unless we come up with something soon there will be - and maybe quite rightfully - only one 'Desert Plains'."

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