Friday, February 11, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne Starts Work Towards Next Solo Album

In a recent interview with, Ozzy Osbourne drummer Tommy Clufetos revealed that work is starting to take place for the next Ozzy Osbourne solo release. Here is an excerpt from that interview: While you are on the road. Are you working on new music? Will there be another new Ozzy album soon?
TC: “Yes, we are working on new tunes and tomorrow we’re going to do a soundcheck early to record some of these ideas. We’re always putting down new stuff. We’re in the process all the time.” What’s next?
TC: “We go to Europe then South America and the we’re doing some recording in the studio. I don’t know all the details. I just look at the next day in my itinerary and that’s as far as I go.” Will you be recording any shows for a live DVD or CD?
TC: “I have no idea. We just did this mini-EP from the iTunes Festival and we did some MTV footage filmed from the London Ozzfest, but I have no idea what their plans are. I’m just a drummer - I have no idea. I just go onstage to destroy people. I go onstage to destroy other bands. It is a competition. It is war. It’s not let’s go get along with everybody. It’s let’s go out and fuck some shit up.”

Fans are currently wondering if there will be an Ozzfest 2011. We are keeping a close eye for information regardling a possible Ozzfest 2011. Check back for more information.

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