Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tommy Victor has 14 songs written and demo-ed for next Prong album.

Earlier this week through his Twitter account Tommy Victor announced that 14 demos have been recorded for the next Prong album due sometime later this year. This would be the first completely new album since 2007's exceptional Power of the Damager and release of any kind since 2009's remix album Power of the Damn Mixxxer (Both 13th Planet Records).

A game changer in the metal scene for over twenty years Prong innovated sounds and blended genres such as hardcore, thrash, experimental and industrial music as the forebearers of many of today's bands. Coming out of the same scene in New York as Helmet and early White Zombie many of their best works such as Beg To Differ (1990), Prove You Wrong (1991) and Cleansing (1994) are considered essential metal classics.

As one of the hardest working guys in metal Tommy Victor has not only spent the last few years on tour with Prong, but he has written, recorded and toured with both Ministry and Danzig for their latest efforts. He also had a guest spot singing on Soulfly's recent album Omen on the song “Lethal Injection”.

The current lineup of Prong includes Victor, bassist Tony Campos (Static-X, Ministry, Asesino) and drummer Alexi Rodriguez (Walls of Jericho, Three Inches of Blood).  

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