Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aaron Lewis promises next Staind record to be “heaviest in a long time”.

In an interview with the Pulse of Radio Aaron Lewis says that Staind “is two-thirds of the way through” recording their new record. Slated to come out later in year Lewis described the record as “the heaviest record or collection of songs we have written in a long time.” Pushed further to describe the album Lewis explained:

“There's no “Outsides”. No It's Been Awhiles', no “Right Heres', anything like that. It's straight forward heavy.....the songs I used to bring on the mellower side will now be the embodiment of my solo career, and Staind can stick to doing heavier things.”

Lewis has just released and ep of country music songs called Town Line. When his solo acoustic tour is over he will turn his attention to finishing the recording.


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