Monday, March 7, 2011

Alice Coopet reveals new line up plus touring plans

For shock rock legend Alice Cooper's No More Mr Nice Guy summer tour, May - August 2011, Alice has announced a revamped band lineup.

The tour will kick off in North America May 12th - 21st, then go to South America May 25th - June 3rd, and England and Europe June 7th - July 16th, before returning to North America again for the month of August.

Alice is bringing back to his stage show guitarist Steve Hunter, who famously toured and recorded with him for several years. Additionally, Tommy Henriksen will be replacing Keri Kelli on guitar, and Damon Johnson will be continuing with the band, making for a three guitar attack.

Glen Sobel will be joining the band on drums, replacing Jimmy DeGrasso, while bassist Chuck Garric will continue to anchor the rhythm section.

Said Alice, "Steve's always been one of my favorite guitarists since the first time I ever heard him play, and I've been working with Tommy a lot on the new album. Oh, and yes, a new snake might make the band never know. We will miss Jimmy and Kerri, but I know we will be sharing a stage again in the future."

Stay tuned for a full list of dates and cities.

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