Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David Ellefson hints at direction of next Megadeth record.

In an interview with www.ugo.com Megadeth bassist David “Junior” Ellefson discussed topics from his return to the band, the 20th anniversary Rust In Peace tour, The Big Four Shows and other information. He gave a general overview of the sound of the next Megadeth record of which he remarked:

“We are working on it now so it's a bit early to encapsulate what the final will ultimatelt sound like. I think we know the punch and impact we want to have, but also not be afraid to let new ideas develop, too. Just know it will be heavy, hooky and have the trademarks you'd come to expect from us.”

The band is already having its third straight banner year. Megadeth will appear at the (so far) lone Big Four show in America on April 23rd at the Empire polo Club, Indio CA. They will play another round of The Big Four shows in South America and Europe before playing the main stage at this summers' Rockstar Energy Mayhemfest. They will follow that up with recording their next record and possibly a US Tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Peace Sells....But Who's Buying which Dave Mustaine himself has hinted at.  

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