Friday, March 25, 2011

Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson talks about the Big 4

Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson was recently interviewed by Rock Pages about The Big 4: I know that, before the Big 4 shows, all the members of those bands met in a restaurant –without managers and outside people- and talked about a variety of subjects. How was the whole atmosphere? Did you talk about the past?

David Ellefson: "It was great! It was very relaxed and it was good to get re-acquainted with everyone before the events started, rather than trying to do it on the fly. There was one funny moment during the dinner where everyone was busting up because all four of us bassists were collected at one table together talking about practically anything but basses! Funny, we bassists might be unique in that we tend to be very friendly toward each other, regardless of status or even musical genre." Lars Ulrich said in an interview that this could be the beginning of other similar shows that will possibly include such bands as Exodus, Forbidden, Testament etc. What’s your opinion about this idea?

David Ellefson: "This was the Big 4, but if you expand the circle of the genre, even just a little bit, there are many, many other bands such as those who had a large impact to the fans over the years. On the east coast I think OVERKILL would fit the bill, too." Were you nervous about this whole Big 4 thing and especially were you nervous or even curious of how Dave Mustaine would handle this situation?

David Ellefson: "I was certainly curious about it but I had a feeling it was all going to be fine. It was really a perfect outcome because we all shared the same stage to the same audience and METALLICA were very much holding themselves like just one of the bands on the bill, not the headliner in charge. I really commend them on how they were very gracious hosts."

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