Monday, March 7, 2011

Shinedown name new DVD, guitarist starts a solo tour

Shinedown have decided to call their new live cd/dvd compilation "Somewhere in the Stratosphere."  The set includes live performances from the band's "Carnival of Madness" and acoustic tours of 2010.  Look for it Apr 19 (TuneLab.)  Meanwhile, Pulse of Radio says Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers has just launched his first solo acoustic tour, accompanied only by friend and fellow singer-songwriter Chris Allen. According to, the trek kicked off last Thursday (March 3rd) in Toledo, Ohio, and will stretch through the end of the month. The pair play their own songs, some covers, and only a few Shinedown tunes. Myers said, "I can't sing like (Shinedown frontman) Brent Smith. He's the greatest singer on the earth. I can't do what he does, so I couldn't do some of our songs justice. I'll do a couple of Shinedown songs, but not really the singles. Just the Shinedown songs that are my personal favorites." 

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