Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick quits, band not breaking up.

In another bit of shocking news Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick has quit the band. This comes on the heels of keyboards/programmer/vocalist Chris Spicuzza announcing his retiredment from the band just days ago. In a long statement to Andols said:

"Since Chris [Spicuzza] released his statement recently [announcing his departure from the band], I suppose it's time that I do so as well since I have been dodging questions and comments for almost as long.

"I am no longer a member of CHIMAIRA, and actually haven't been since before Christmas. I did play at CHIMAIRA Christmas 11, which was my last show. I certainly couldn't have asked for a better and more memorable way to go out.

"I cannot stress enough how significantly different the circumstances are now than back in 2004. The short story is that the guys had taken issue with certain aspects of my role in the band. Nothing discussed was out of anger or anything personal, but I was definitely not expecting it and it was quite the spirit crusher for me. The decision was made that it would be in the band's best interest to move forward without me. I was obviously devastated, but again there was no ill will between us. Later I was asked to rejoin, but after some painful contemplation in my mind, I decided it was best not to. I started to see everything that happened as something that was ultimately positive.

"I share some of the same concerns that Chris mentioned in his statement, namely the current state of the music industry and concerns about my future.

"A major transition in life is much more manageable at 31 than it is in your late 30s or early 40s, so as a guy with literally zero experience in anything else, better now than later. Plus, it would be hard to go back without feeling constantly uneasy about the situation.

"So where does that leave me musically? Well, I damn sure am not done as a drummer! I will be releasing an instructional book/DVD through Hal Leonard later this year. I teach private drum lessons in New Jersey. I'm also really trying to get busy with session recording work, so if you're a guitarist or a band that needs drum tracks, I can be contacted at

"I've had a couple opportunities to track drums for two great bands, and I hope to be a part of a lot more.

"Although I did not record the new [CHIMAIRA] album, I was around for the majority of the writing process, and I know you guys are going to love it.

"Despite the recent dramatic lineup changes, I'm quite confident the band will press on just fine. I will always love my brothers, both current and former, in CHIMAIRA!"

As the metal world is wondering what is to become of Cleveland's greatest metal band vocalist Mark Hunter took to his Twitter account to relay his feelings on the matter:

Since, like Spicuzza, Herrick mentioned this has been in the works for some time it can only be considered to a shock to fans. The remaining band members must have  know about this since the edn of last year.  Herrick is the third member to leave the band since November after bassist Jim LaMarca's retirement. Guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVreis (on bass) are busy on the road this summer filling in with Six Feet Under. The band is currently mixing their next album with Chris “Zeuss” Harris for an expected fall release. The VDOB Team will bring you more info on this developing story as it happens.

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