Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Metallica announces “Big Four Radio” and the return of “Mandatory Metallica”.

With the (so far) only American Big Four of Thrash Metal concert just days away Metallica announced yesterday that “Big 4 Radio” was launching on SiriusXM Satellite radio and the return of “Mandatory Metallica” starting at 12 noon today and running through April 30 on channel 27. “Big 4 Radio” will be mostly Metallica and the other three Big 4 bands played 24/7 while “Mandatory Metallica” returns to the provider on May 8th on channel 42.

This was greeted with a myriad of reactions as Chanel 27 has long been the home of the popular “Liquid Metal” show. Apparently even host Jose Mangin didn't find out about the change until he saw it on Facebook, which was abuzz with major complaints and many threats to unsubscribe over this move. The Twitter-sphere was also full of angry tweets. To his credit Jose remained classy and mostly mum about the entire thing. A post on Liquid Metal's facebook page clarified that their show is not going silent and will available as an online only show until “Big 4 Radio” is over. For more info head over to the website here.

Tell us VDOB readers, what do you think of this move by SiriusXM? What's your opinion? We'd like to know.  

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