Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ozzfest 2011 bands coming soon?

There is still no word concerning a possible Ozzfest 2011 event or tour. By this time, we at VDOB believe that if there was not going to be an Ozzfest there would have been an announcement. The band page on the official website was updated to '2011 Bands Coming Soon'. With Mayhem Festival, Warped Tour, and other tours being announced, it gives us time to look at potential bands that could play on Ozzfest 2011.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour has not been announced yet, but rumors have been circulating that Rob Zombie, 5FDP, Lacuna Coil, and All That Remains could be involved. Due to those rumors, we will not include any of those bands as potential Ozzfest 2011 bands.

It well known that Ozzy Osbourne will headline once again. The other option was Black Sabbath but a few months ago a statement was released verifying that a reunion with Ozzy would not be happening any time soon.

Judas Priest has played Ozzfest before and last year Priest frontman Rob Halford toured on Ozzfest with his solo band. Would there be a better way for Priest to kick off its final US tour other than playing on Ozzfest?

Slayer has announced a few US shows this summer with Rob Zombie and Exodus. Ozzfest would be a perfect way for Slayer to play this summer and perhaps showcase new material if any has been written. Slayer on Ozzfest could depend on the health of guitarist Jeff Hanneman. One thing Ozzfest might be interested in is one of the Big 4 bands.

Anthrax would fit the bill nicely for Ozzfest. Perhaps as a second stage headliner or main stage opening act. They have the Big 4 media frenzy on their side plus an overdue new album that most fans of metal are ready to hear.

A Perfect Circle has returned to headline Rock on the Range followed by a small run of shows. They are playing Pittsburgh on August 9th. Ozzfest, if they follow the same schedule as last year, will be playing Pittsburgh in August as well. APC is not likely to play.

Lamb of God has indicated they are not playing any US shows in 2011, confirmed by guitarist Mark Morton on twitter.

BLS stated after June there will be no more US shows for the band for the remainder of 2011, confirmed by the band on twitter.

Hatebreed is playing one US show in the North East in 2011. This was revealed a few days ago on the bands twitter.

Alice in Chains were slated to play Ozzfest a few years ago but backed out due to not wanting to be on an exclusively metal tour. They are writing new material now and the timing is not right for an Ozzfest run for the band.

Deftones will be finishing up a massive US tour in June. It seems likely this will end the bands touring cycle for Diamond Eyes. Ozzfest is not likely for the band.

Roadrunner Records will most likley have a band on Ozzfest. Dragonforce (new vocalist, new live album out), Times Of Grace, Korn (although their touring cycle for the last album could possibly be over), Opeth, or...

Slipknot. Slipknot has lined up a handful of festivals in July. They have nothing revealed for August yet. If the band was to return to tour the US, Ozzfest could be the way to let everyone know you are back. Not sure if it will happen but I am sure Sharon and company would ask. I do recall Clown stating that next time the band played Ozzfest they would headline it.

System Of A Down has played Ozzfest several times. Like Slipknot, they can draw good attendance on their own. The band has been on hiatus and revealed some West Coast US dates. Sources tell us more US dates are forthcoming. Ozzfest would be a great way for the band to announce they are back. The problem is that Sharon complained about the bands price tag after the 2006 Ozzfest tour. Not sure if the negotiations would allow this to happen.

Here are other bands that have not announced any solid touring plans for the end of summer 2011 that could possibly be on Ozzfest:

Motorhead - New album came out, Lemmy and Ozzy are good friends. The band has played Ozzfest before.
Mastodon - New live album out, band is working on new material and touring this summer. They have played Ozzfest before.
Arch Enemy - Has played Ozzfest before and has a new album due out soon.
Otep - Similar to Arch Enemy
Amon Amarth - The band has a new album out that has been well received and are due for a US festival tour.
Skeletonwitch - On Ozzfest last year, why not make it two years in a row?
Steel Panther - A Popular underground act that would add some variety to Ozzfest. Why not?
God Forbid - See Arch Enemy.
Children Of Bodom - This band is long overdue to play on Ozzfest. Their new album has been well received.
Crowbar - See Children Of Bodom.
Chimaira - New album out soon.
Shadows Fall - See Arch Enemy.
High On Fire - see Children Of Bodom.

While we have no information at all about Ozzfest, here is the line up we think would be a good match for Ozzfest 2011:

Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne
Judas Priest

Second Stage:
Children Of Bodom
Arch Enemy

Steel Panther
Amon Amarth
High On Fire


  1. I would bet DevilDriver is on the bill for this years ozzfest.

  2. slipknot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree that COB is most definitly over-due! That would make for a perfect Ozzfest Tour. The attendance and or ticket sales would sky rocket.