Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seether frontman fires back at former guitarist for rejoining Evanescence

Former Seether guitarist Troy McLawhorn, who recently left Seether just before the band's tour and album release, has re-joined Evanescence.  Amy Lee and company are in production for their new album.  Troy left Seether due to "personal friction" with one of the members of the band.  As you might recall, Shaun Morgan was Amy Lee's boyfriend for a few years and their split was intense.  Here is what Morgan wrote on his Twitter feed (edited for clarity by friends at Pulse of Radio) about McLawhorn joining Evanescence, according to sources: "Interesting news about our old guitarist. Can anyone guess? No, he's not coming back. He went to another band. Little anti-Shaun club. Any more guesses? . . . So, good f***ing luck to Amy Lee and Troy. They deserve each other. Wankers! . . . I am hurt and offended. We will go on and we will make ya'll proud." 

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