Thursday, May 5, 2011

Iron Maiden rumored for 2012 North American tour and DVD release

We have received word from a credible source that Iron Maiden is in talks for a North American tour in the spring of 2012. Rumor has it this will be a full scale tour playing to many cities in the USA and Canada.

The band is also rumored to be touring for a upcoming re-release of their Maiden England video. On September 5, 2007, it was announced through the official Iron Maiden website, that there would be a DVD-version of the concert, to be released in 2008. As of 2010 it has not been released and there has been no further official announcement concerning a DVD-version of Maiden England. Rumor has it the DVD will be released next year to coincide with a tour consisting of the band performing most of the setlists from the DVD, which you can view below:

"The Evil That Men Do"
"The Prisoner"
"Still Life"
"Die with Your Boots On"
"Infinite Dreams"
"Can I Play with Madness"
"Heaven Can Wait"
"Wasted Years"
"The Clairvoyant"
"Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"
"The Number of the Beast"
"Hallowed Be Thy Name"
"Iron Maiden"

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