Monday, May 23, 2011

MyChildren MyBride bassist pens a book.

Joe Lengson, bassist for Christian metalcore band Mychildren Mybride has penned a book. Entitled “Sleeping in Parking Lots”, it is a book about growing up on the road and life’s ups and downs and how they affected Lengson's faith. He reflects on the book:

“I AM NOT entirely positive why, but I wrote a bunch of words. I was given a journal by my mother as a gift this one time, and I decided to actually utilize it. I never enjoyed reading or writing when I was growing up, so this was an extremely recently developed leisurely activity for me. I wrote so much in this old beat up leather-bound journal, that ultimately, I had developed enough literary material to transfigure into book format. I entered the world of literature after reviewing everything I had written and determined to publicly release my written works.”

“This book is my story. The story detailing the recent events in my life building up to who I am now. I once saw this movie called “Almost Famous” and it’s about this young kid and how he falls into the arms of the road with a touring band. I still find difficulty to elucidate how exactly I fell into this nomadic lifestyle, but this book exhibits most advantageously how God changed my life into whatever it is now.”

“I write how I experienced heartbreak; I write how I found God, how I joined mychildren mybride, how our band works, how I deal with struggles on the road, and how I have changed into a completely different person my own mother doesn’t recognize.”

You can purchase the book at his site, through or at

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