Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trivium leaks incredible new song “In Waves”.

Trivium has leaked the possible single called “In Waves” from their upcoming new album. Due August 9th on Roadrunner Records the track has elements of the metalcore, neo-thrash and old-school and is very heavy and very impressive. The catchy melodies and singing have spawned dozens of YouTube covers already, a sure sign that that track is hit in the making.

You can hear the track at this location.

During an appearance on last week's edition of the Metal Injection Livecast, TRIVIUM guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy stated about the forthcoming CD, "We've been writing this same record for a year and a half. We demoed it for eight months. . . [but] when we actually started the record, it took us about three months or so of tracking and it's gonna take maybe two months to mix, and Colin and the team are working on that right now."

On the new album title and artwork:

"We've been working on the album's art almost for about a year now with… There's a bunch of different people involved with all the different stages of the art. But we're not releasing yet. We have everything, yes, but we can't give any of it out."

On which previous TRIVIUM album the new CD sounds most like:

"It's hard to say which one it sounds most like, but I can say, to date, my favorite one that we have ever done is Ascendancy [2005] — that's been my favorite. There was a lot of experimentation on 'The Crusade' [2006] and 'Shogun' [2008]. 'The Crusade' was the opposite of everything Ascendancy was and 'Shogun' was kind of pulling elements from every single record. Whereas this one, nothing sounds like any of the other ones at all, but with this record it sounds more like us than ever. 'Cause with the other records, you could go, 'OK, maybe this sounds like this kind of music' or 'This sounds like this kind of band,' or maybe 'It pulls from here or there,' whereas this is just definitive 'our' sound; there is nothing that really deviates from the past; it's all in the realm of itself. I know that's really broad and it doesn't really answer too much of it. It's a whole new thing. It's not like anything we've done before… again."

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