Friday, January 28, 2011

Uproar 2011 Line Up Possibilities

This article has been updated with improved information. You can read about it by clicking HERE.

Since the Mayhem Festival is all but official we will be taking a look at other tours. It appears there will be an Uproar 2011 tour. Uproar is like a scaled down, hard rock version of Mayhem Fest. There are alot of potential candidates as far as bands go that could be on Uproar 2011. Here are a list of bands we think could be strong possibilities:

Rob Zombie
Alter Bridge
Lacuna Coil
Drowning Pool
All That Remains
Times of Grace
36 Crazyfists

It should be noted that these are guesses. We have not heard any rumors nor do we have any inside info on the tour at this time. Common sense should tell you that only some of those bands would play Uproar.

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