Monday, February 21, 2011

Adrian Smith speaks on rejoining Iron Maiden interviewed Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith on the The Final Frontier World Tour. Here are excerpts from the interview: Did you and Bruce make the decision together to rejoin Iron Maiden?

Smith: "If only things were that black and white! It was quite complicated. I’m still not quite sure how it happened. It was just a kind of planets aligning – it just seemed like the right time. It’s just been great for me to do it second time around. Maybe do a few things differently than the first time. I certainly appreciate it more now." What’s your favourite Iron Maiden album?

Smith: "Well I think all of our albums have had their own unique thing about them, but when we got back together and did Brave New World, that was really exciting. That had a really good vibe to it. I think Bruce and I coming back to the band after a bit of a break, it was just a good experience doing that album, so I’d say Brave New World out of the recent ones." Upon your return to the band, how did you actually divide the guitar parts up with Janick Gers, who replaced you after you initially left the band? Did you flip a coin or play Scissors, Paper, Rock?

Smith: "Not quite! We played 'Moonchild' on the last tour, which is a bit of an uptempo number and not really my sort of forte – playing fast. Janick plays quite fast. So I said 'Well you play that, that’s more your style.' So that’s how we work it out really. Quite often, if someone brings a song in and they’ve written the music already, they’ll take the main solo on it. Some of the songs have got three solos though but it’s about the song really. It’s not about individuals. Was there ever any tension caused by Janick staying in the band after you rejoined?

Smith: "No not really. I’ve known Janick for years anyway. Dave (Murray), Janick and I all get on really well. There’s never been any problem. Potentially it’s a nightmare, isn’t it – three guitarists – you can just imagine backstage fights and onstage fights! But there’s never been anything like that. I think in any band it’s all about chemistry and it’s about the band, not the individuals. Certainly with the three of us, we’re really aware of that."

Read the entire interview here.

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