Saturday, February 19, 2011

Should Guns N' Roses reunite?

Should the original Guns N' Roses reunite? As a fan of the band and most of the band members side projects I have given this question alot of thought. 

Steven Adler would definitely be in for a reunion if it were to happen. He has stated numerous times how he wants this to happen and at one time was on good terms with all members years after being dismissed from the band.

Izzy Stradlin was the heart & soul of GNR. After he left the band during the initial dates of the Use Your Illusions tour things spiraled downhill for GNR. Izzy wrote alot of the guitar riffs and was a major force in song structuring & composing. Like Steven Adler, Izzy seems to have been on good terms with the other band members since his departure.

Duff McKagan joined Slash in Velvet Revolver. He formed his own band Loaded. Last summer he joined Axl Rose & the Chinese Democracy era of GNR onstage after a unplanned encounter with Axl in a hotel. Duff will likely join Slash for a rejuvenated Velvet Revolver with a new vocalist.

Slash is currently riding out his highly popular solo career. Slash's solo album is poised to become as popular, if not more successful than Velvet Revolver or the current version of GNR. After years of seemingly trying to patch up his relationship with Axl Rose, I think Slash is in a position that he doesn't need Axl or a GNR reunion. Slash has been successful in GNR, Velvet Revolver and on his own.

Axl Rose is a legenday frontman who still has an awesome voice. Axl's version of GNR is full of talented musicians but the band has been a commercial failure. Several people that I know were unaware that Chinese Democracy was available to the public until I told them earlier in 2011. Chinese Democracy was interesting & did have some good songs on the album. Axl's lack of publicity and touring for the album has left Chinese Democracy as the most overhyped and quickly forgotten major release of the last 5 years... if not 10 years.

The original, Appetite for Destruction era, line up would have to reform. While Matt Sorum & Gilby Clark are excellent musicians on a technical level, they do not have the bluesy, raw feel to their respective instruments as Steven Adler or Izzy Stradlin. Just listen to the track Ghost from Slash's solo album which features Stradlin. It sounds more like GNR than any peice of music I have heard since the release of the Use Your Illusion double album. 

With legendary bands and artists such as Judas Priest, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, & Kiss near the twilight of their careers, a GNR reunion would be better served if it occured about 5 years down the road. The world of hard rock will need a legendary band to replace the retired legends named above. It may also give the economy time to improve so that the certain high ticket prices will be more feasible for fans to purchase. Who knows? Maybe Axl will finally learn to hit the stage on time? 

The fans of the world will accept a GNR reunion as soon as it occurs. It would be more beneficial for all involved if it occured in 2016 instead of 2011 or at the 2012 Super Bowl Half Time Show as recently rumored.

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  1. A reunion will happen eventually. But I think these guys deserve to have the rest of 2011 and 2012 to focus on there solo careers. Maybe 2013 onward? And btw, fuck a rejuvinated Velvet Revolver lol