Saturday, March 5, 2011

Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson Jr. talks Big 4 bands and future concerts

Legendary Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson Jr. was interviewed by Mitch Lafon for Here is an excerpt from the interview: It really is great, but it was a little late in the making don’t you think? The Big 4 should have been done ten years ago.

Ellefson: "The truth of it is – it should have been done twenty-five years ago, but there was a period of time where we were all carving out our own paths and our own destinies which would eventually become our own names for ourselves. To be honest with you, we all had our own course to chart and I think that the fact that we all four went and did that… We were called the Big 4 in the early ‘90s or late’80s even, but it took us to go through what we needed to go through to build our own legacies. Every one of these bands has its own legacy, which then creates this dynasty called the Big 4.” You mentioned Judas Priest earlier. They’re on their ‘farewell’ tour. Has that topic come up with Megadeth or are you ready to go for another fifty years?

Ellefson: "You know with Megadeth, we really live for the moment. It’s always been like that since day one. From the day Dave and I met, this thing has always been for the moment. Yes, there has been ideas and planning about what’s supposed to happen, but anytime we’ve gotten in to these long terms strategic plans… shit changes. It never works out and sometimes I hear people talk with corporate lingo like that and I’m like ‘dude, this is a rock ‘n roll band that you’re talking about and rock ‘n roll is a wild beast that changes. It ebbs and it flows and like a wild animal when it gets hungry it wants to eat. That’s how rock ‘n roll is. It’s wild and untamed. Megadeth is most definitely a real rock ‘n roll band.” Before we wrap up – can I get a quote about your Big 4 brothers? Slayer what does that mean to you?

Ellefson: "Slayer were the one band that never changed, never went with the trends and really carried the torch for our genre through thick and thin and without deviating at all.” Anthrax…

Ellefson: "Anthrax are a rowdy New York party band, but they’re from the street and not from the club which is what makes them cool.” And Metallica…

Ellefson: "We wouldn’t be here without Metallica – plain and simple. If Lars hadn’t put those feelers out through The Recycler to try and put a band together… none of us would be here. We owe a lot to him and certainly to him and James for carrying the torch all these years. Metallica is the 800 lb gorilla and I’m thankful for them every day.”

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