Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tony Martin says he is not interested in reuniting with Black Sabbath.

In an interview with Swedish web magazine one time Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin says he has no plans to reunite with the group. This news comes on the heels of Geezer Butler announcing recently that Black Sabbath will never have an original lineup reunion again. When asked about his issues with Sabbath, Martin said:

“Not the band. But I don't have any problems with the people, though. For example, I would work with Tony Iommi, maybe. It's just that I wouldn't like to do the same thing that I did before. Just singing Ozzy songs, Dio songs and all the rest of it and my music being pushed aside. That was my issue.”

Martin who is remembered for middle-era 80's and 90's era Sabbath albums like Eternal Idol, Cross Purposes and Tyr also talked about the difficulties of today’s' music industry and the possibility of retirement.

With the passing of Ronnie James Dio last year, Ozzy's continuing solo career and Ian Gillian's schedule with Deep Purple it is possible we will not see or hear any Black Sabbath music again unless they recruit a new singer altogether.  

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