Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pantera bassist Rex Brown talks about his new band Kill Devil Hill

Pantera/Down bassist Rex Brown was recently interviewed about his new band Kill Devil Hill by Here are a few excerpts from the interview: How did you meet Vinny Appice?
Rex Brown: “We had been friends on the road. Down had opened up for Heaven & Hell all across Canada then we went to Australia with them and we just became good buds. Then, I got a call from him about this new band and he wanted to know if I’d be interested in coming down and playing on some tracks. Next door to me, I have a musician friend that has probably a half million dollars worth of gear in his house and so I played on some of these tracks and they were just blown away. I jammed with them after NAMM and I went down this week to see how it fit… how everyone got along. It turned out to be… SPECTACULAR! We got a lot of good work done. We have seven or eight songs in the can and there’s another eight sitting there. Vinny and I playing together is just nuts. It’s crazy.” That’s one hell of a rhythm section.
Brown: "It is. It’s just nuts. We’re all systems go and we’ll get a record out this year.” Is this simply a side-project for you or is this a band?
Brown: "I really think this is a long term deal. I really do. We fit together so good that it’s just going to work.” Musically, what are we in for? Pantera was very aggressive and Dio was certainly more melodic…
Brown: "A lot of these things are Vinny’s drum beats that he just put down as a song and he expressed to Mark (Zavon, guitarist) how he wanted them done… I’d say if you take the elements of both bands and mash them together you have one powerful rhythm section and the rest of the songs have a little spice of maybe early ALICE IN CHAINS, but there’s a whole influence of LED ZEPPELIN… Throw that in the mix and you’ve got four pretty killer bands to choose from.”

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