Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vinny Appice explains how Rex Brown became bassist of Kill Devil Hill

This interview is courtesy of Bravewords.com

BraveWords.com: Is Kill Devil Hill a Vinny Appice solo project or is this a band?
Vinny Appice: “This is truly a band. I’m not in to doing solo projects. I’m a team player and I’d much rather be in a band than in the spotlight. Obviously, when Rex wasn’t involved in this band and it was just Dewey, Mark and myself; my name was more known, but I didn’t have a problem calling it a band. It’s a real band and now that Rex is involved everybody is a quarter of this band.”
BraveWords.com: How did you get Rex involved and what does he bring to the band?
Appice: "We had Jimmy Bain (ex-Dio, RAINBOW) with us at first and it didn’t work out. So, we tried a number of different bass players. Then one day, I was doing a drum-off at Guitar Center and Dimebag’s girlfriend was there and she said that Rex might be interested. She gave me the number and I gave Rex a call. He expressed interest in it, but at the time he was in his own band, ARMS OF THE SUN. He wanted me to play with them, so we had two bands and we didn’t know what to do with them. But in time in worked itself out and his main focus became Kill Devil Hill. As far as what he brings besides having a name and the legendary bands he’s been in – he’s just got the same attitude as we do and his sound and playing just fits perfectly. I knew it would. He’s the man for this band. His bass sound fits in flawlessly. When he committed to this and we started working together everything just came together. He put his bass on some of the tracks and they became magic.”
BraveWords.com: Is this the band that will take you into the future or is this a one-off project?
Appice: "I like longevity; just look at my career with obviously Dio and Black Sabbath. I’m loyal. I stay with drum companies a long time. When I believe in stuff, I stay with it. This is my dream. I’ve done a lot of stuff in my career and played with bands that people dreamed of playing with, but they weren’t my band. I loved doing it. I love learning from it. I loved playing with Sabbath. I loved playing with Dio and I couldn’t have played with anybody better or more legendary, but I never had my own band. Well, I did have my own band, AXIS, back in the ‘70s. I was twenty years old and then I got the call from Sabbath, so I went with Sabbath, but I never experienced what it would be like to have any level of success on my own and not having to rely on what was built before I got there. This is something we all look forward to carrying on as a career and a band.”

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