Friday, May 13, 2011

Lacuna Coil begins recording for a new album

Lacuna Coil has entered a studio in Italy to begin recording material for their next album, slated for release in the fall of 2011. Producer Don Gilmore is producing again.

"This time around music has been our refuge from some of the darkest days of our life and that's why the new songs have such a variety of feelings... some stuff is pretty angry, probably the heaviest we've ever written, some other songs are intense, loaded with velvet dark emotions and there's even a little space for some light at the end of the tunnel,”, says Lacuna Coil's male vocalist Andrea Ferro.

"People are asking me if we're going back to our roots or if we're taking another step forward in a new direction... Well, to be honest I just feel that this is 100 percent a Lacuna Coil record and that is what really matters to me. I just love the songs and we felt a big wave of inspiration. The energy with Don in the studio is sky-high and we're ready to kick some ass."

"Collectively, we did so much in between 'Shallow Life' and this one," adds Lacuna Coil's female vocalist Cristina Scabbia. "We have lots of different experiences between us. We've been loved and hurt, we grew up, we shrunk inside a little keeping ourselves together and our roots watered and are alive. I still can't believe that the energy in between us is getting better and better, but I guess that's what being a real family means."

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