Monday, May 9, 2011

Ozzfest 2011 not happening?

A few signs from are indicating that the legendary festival may not happen in 2011. The band page is now blank. It did state 'Ozzfest 2011 Bands Coming Soon'. In the forums of there was a post that was assigned to the top of the Ozzfest section of the forums which asked fans to choose bands they wished to see on Ozzfest 2011. The post has been deleted.

It appears there will not be an Ozzfest this year. With a sluggish economy and several other hard rock/metal events and tours (Mayhem Fest, Uproar, Lollapalooza, Big 4, Motley Crue/Poison, Summer Slaughter, etc) flooding the market, perhaps Ozzfest needs a year off to regroup, rebuild and make the festival the metal event of the year.

I really think that Ozzfest would be better served it if were a 2 day destination festival. Have it in a central location, like Indianapolis or St. Louis. Chicago already has Lollapalooze so they definitely do not need another major music fest IMO.

Could you imagine a 2 day festival with all of the great (and by great I mean legendary bands mixed in with newer bands who sell tickets/albums better than most) bands of hard rock/metal?

Day 1:
Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne

Second Stage:
Black Label Society
All That Remains
Dimmu Borgir

Day 2:
Main Stage:
System Of A Down
Judas Priest

Second Stage:
5 Finger Death Punch
Cradle of Filth
The Sword

Okay, that was put together really quickly, but you have a mix of newer bands and veteran bands that would draw different fans from different genres of metal and sell tickets. Just a thought. What do you think?

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