Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rob Zombie discusses drummer switch.

In an interview with The Pulse of Radio Rob Zombie talked about the difference between outgoing drummer Joey Jordison (Slipknot/The Murder Dolls) and the incoming Ginger Fish (ex-Marilyn Manson). Here is an except of the chat:

"It's hard to describe how they're different," he said. "I mean, you know,Joey's a very, like, more of a power drummer I would say, you know, just a more bombastic sort of drummer, and Ginger's more of a, kind of like a groove-style drummer. It's kind of funny 'cause as with anything, either style seems to work really well with our music, so it's good."

Ginger first played with Zombie this winter when Jordison had to leave for a Murderdolls tour of Europe. Fish officially quit Marilyn Manson this march in the middle of recording that groups next album. The first extensive touring Fish will do with his new band will be on this summers' tour of the US and Canada with Zombie and Slayer co-headlining. Exodus will be the opening act. You can read the VDOB story about that tour here.  

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