Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor unsure if the band will continue to exist

Here is a news article courtesy of Blabbermouth.net featuring a trascribed radio interview with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor:

On why there has been such an inconsistency to the various public statements from all the SLIPKNOT bandmembers regarding the band's future and whether they have sat down to discuss their long-term plans in detail:

"No, that hasn't happened. The only thing we've really sat down together as a band and talked about was the tour, and what we're gonna do and whatnot. But I'm not the guy who's gonna sugarcoat anything, I'm not the one who's gonna spoonfeed false hope to the fans, especially about something like this. If this tour doesn't work, this band might be over — straight up. And I'm not gonna lie; I'm not the guy that's going to lie to the fans. I'm telling people as it is, because people [keep asking me], 'Any U.S. dates?' I'm like, 'Slow down, Beavis. Can we get through this and see what happens?'

"It's still a shock, man. I'm gonna be getting on stage without my brother. So until things make sense for me, I'm not gonna be the cheerleader — I just can't be. First of all, the fans would see through it. Second of all, I would feel terrible being that guy. So as long as I just keep it real and keep it in perspective, we'll see what happens."

On whether he is still in the running to be VELVET REVOLVER's new lead singer:

"No, I'm not VELVET REVOLVER's new lead singer. There's been so much speculation that I think that was one of the reasons that it kind of went away. At the end of the day, we got together, we jammed, some guys were feeling it, some weren't. It is what it is. And the last thing I need is a 12th band. Between writing and recording and writing with other people and writing books and whatnot, I'm set, I'm fine. I'm not losing any sleep about it. Plus I made some great friends."

On his plans for the rest of the year:

"I'm gonna take some well-deserved time off; it will be the first time I've had more than three weeks off in a long time, so I'm pretty stoked about that. And we're actually starting to work on new stuff for a STONE SOUR album — something very grandiose, something that could freak out a lot of people. And if we get to do it, it'll be huge and it'll be everything that anybody has ever wanted us to do."

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