Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down guitarist Pepper Keenan speaks on the status Rex Brown and the bands future plans

A interview conducted with Down guitarist Pepper Keenan by the Delcotimes.com has answered some questions on bassist Rex Brown‘s absence from the bands recent spat of touring. When asked about Brown not touring with the band, Keenan had the following to offer:

“Rex is not gonna be with us. He’s got things he needs to deal with, and we gave him an ultimatum and he’s trying to work things out. We’ve got Pat (Bruders) from Crowbar playing bass, and he’s ass-kickin’ in the same way. He plays with his fingers — which is really cool; he’s got the whole Geezer Butler thing going on.”

When asked if Brown was still an active member of the band, Keenan merely offered:

“I don’t know what to really say on that; he’s not out of the band, but he’s not playing with us live.”

Pepper went on to reveal ideas the band is considering for a future studio release:

"We're kinda goin' backwards now. The first record came out a long time ago, so we're feeling that vibe and heading that way; real simple: stripped down and to the point.

"I think we're going to try and do four EPs, and they're all going to be connected together with artwork. This will allow us to have a frontload, heavy as [expletive] EP, and maybe the second one could showcase some of the acoustic stuff we've been saving for awhile, and then continuing the four of them with a completely different style, and obviously the fourth one would be another doom laden heavy one."

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