Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will there be an Uproar 2011 festival?

Fans have been asking us if there will be an Uproar 2011 festival. While there has been no official confirmation from tour organizers, the Uproar facebook page has been active as of late indicating their will likely be a second edition of the tour in 2011.

Now the question is what bands will comprise the bill on the hard rock festival? While there have not been any rumors surfacing on this subject we at the VDOB believe that one band rumored for last year that did not play could be in contention to land a spot on the festival.

Working on a new album for Century Media Records that should drop this summer, look for the return of Lacuna Coil. Uproar is more compatible tour for the italian rock band when compared the option of Mayhem.

Other potential candidates remain to be seen at this time. We will have an indepth look at the possible Uproar line up soon.

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