Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nikki Sixx discusses why Motley Crue is touring with Poison this summer

Nikki Sixx discussed why Motley Crue opted to tour with Poison this summer. In the interview on his Sixx Sense radio program, Sixx said, "One of the things Motley Crue said was that we would never tour with Poison because we were sort of punk-heavy metal-glam, we came out of the very, very early '80s and took what we did very... it was very important to us. And then bands came after us and we wanted to kind of separate from them. And we had never planned on touring with any of the bands from that era. There was no animosity — it was just that we put a very clear line. But when the New York Dolls signed on, it made it seem like it was the right time to do that this tour."

The interview can be listened to below:

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