Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pantera manager: "There is never going to be a Pantera reunion show."

In response to an article posted by The Metal Den, Pantera managment have responded via Facebook and exclusively to

From the official facebook of Pantera:

The Metal Den posted a story that claims someone from Vinnie Paul's camp is the source. The story is a complete fabrication. There are no plans for a Pantera reunion. Without Dimebag, there is no Pantera.

Kimberly Zide-Davis, manager of Pantera, exclusively messaged about the Pantera reunion rumor:

"I have no idea where Metal Den gets their supposed info from. There is no truth to that story. There is never going to be a Pantera reunion show."

Mrs. Zide-Davis orchestrated communication between band members emailing her when the remastered Cowboys From Hell package was being 

It seems obvious that communication between Vinnie Paul and Philip Anselmo is almost nonexistent. If Pantera decided to reunite Mrs. Zide-Davis would be the first to know. 

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