Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tommy Lee talks about new Motley Crue album, Poison tour, CrueFest & Rob Zombie directing 'The Dirt' movie

In a recent interview with, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee talks about the bands next album:

"When the four of us are together, which we will be in the summer, that's usually when it goes down," he says about creating new Crüe music. "We record sound checks with new ideas. I always have a studio on my bus. So I would imagine we'll start compiling ideas this summer. It's almost like you've got to get away from home to start writing music."

About this summers tour with Poison & New York Dolls:
"It's definitely not Crüe Fest. Crüe Fest is, like, five [bands], and this is just the three of us. But it's special because it's another CRÜE tour and it's summertime, man. That's always special."

On rumored rivalry with Poison:
"I never really got into all that...rivalry or feud. Just go up and bang out your tunes, dude. Who cares about anything else? I really don't."

On the bands biographic movie 'The Dirt':
"That would be a cool place to release some new music. It gives new reason for new music. People aren't really buying records these days, so it seems like a good place to maybe put something new from us."

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